Kids Yoga and Mindfulness in Brisbane

Helping kids and families build strength, improve their focus, manage their emotions, shift their energy and find calm.


Being Grounded Yoga for Kids and Families

Hi I’m Ainsley, and I love to help you and your kids feel more connected, grounded and strong inside and out.  I’m a freelance yoga teacher and I absolutely delight in sharing yoga with people of all ages. I offer classes for kids and families, themed workshops, private sessions and fun yoga events.

I live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and I jump at the chance to teach in outdoors in nature.  You’ll also find me in daycare centres, kindys, schools and yoga studios in and around Brisbane.  Hand on heart, I can’t wait to roll out at mat with you.

Kids yoga is dynamic, creative and fun form of exercise to support your childs health and wellbeing. Each class combines mindful movement, poses, yoga therapy exercises, mindfulness, breathing techniques and relaxation. Kids learn to how to be more self-aware, grounded, and a positive outlook on life.

Kids yoga helps to build resiliance, rebalance big emotions and provides strategies to help your child calm thier feelings of anxiety and stress.


Our yoga classes are designed for kids 3-16 years old to strengthen both the body and mind, relieve stress, release emotions and improve focus and concentration. It’s never too soon to introduce the positive life skills which yoga offers to kids of all ages.

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” – Dalai Lama

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness

Your kids will benefit from being surrounded by trees which is proven to naturally calming, by reducing anxiety and stress. We offer age appropriate kids yoga classes for kindy kids ages 2-5, primary school kids ages 5-12. Your kids will learn yoga poses and their benefits, mindfulness activities, breathing exercises and experience different forms of relaxation and meditation. Yoga games, songs and positive affirmations make the classes fun and engaging.

Family Yoga

Family yoga is a positive way to stretch, move, breathe and relax together with your family. We move through yoga poses in a fun way and learn partner poses, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation with guided visualisations. Families are encouraged to connect, laugh and breathe deep while learning about the body, mind and spirit. All classes are meaningful and educational with a theme or concept, as Ainsley share’s her passion for health, wellness and a positive attitude. This class is suited to all ages and abilities.

The secret of living is breathing. Learning how to breathe deeply and mindfully makes space for your child to focus and find calm. It can turn the noise down on your child’s busy brain, allow their thoughts to soften and drift in a positive way.

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