Ainsley of Body Connection offers professional massage treatments in her treatment room in Brighton, Brisbane. A mobile massage service is also available if you live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Remedial and sports massage

A problem specific treatment for sports injuries and high tension areas, such as sore shoulders and lower back pain. Stronger techniques are applied using forearms, wrists and elbows. Sports taping now available using rocktape.

Recovery massage

Ideal for athletes and active people after a big event.

Therapeutic massage

De-stress and unwind with this relaxing treatment

Manual lymphatic drainage

Detoxifying and effective massage to reduce swelling, excess fluid, and stimulate the lymphatic system which encourages body cleansing and healing. Ideal after surgery or illness, or to restore your health.This is a gentle treatment which is very nurturing and relaxing, as well as detoxifying the body at the same time!

Reiki Treatment

Gentle hands on healing that restores energy and balance to your body, mind and spirit

Pregnancy Massage

Gentle and relaxing full body massage at any stage during your pregnancy. This will have a calming effect for both you and your baby.