I dare say that you’re busy life is a lot like mine, a jam packed schedule of juggling family, work, sport, friends, household jobs and other community activities.

Do you find yourself rushing the kids to get ready and out the door on time so that you’re not late, but you’re kids want to play lego or dolls?

Like my kids, do they want build cubby houses when you need them to brush their teeth and find their shoes? I often get asked to do up the batman suit and supergirl cape when it’s time to get in the car.

I find myself saying ‘sorry, we don’t have time for that right now’ a little bit more often than I’d like. It’s really hard being the parent and spinning all the plates at the same time and directing our kids here and there without much ‘spare’ time for creative play, connection with us, time to listen and the space to have fun.

So now kids yoga has come into our lives! This time gives us the space to play together, be creative, use our imagination and we connect with each other in a fun way.

Kids can contribute to creating yoga games and yoga journeys, which taps into their imagination and self expression.

Children learn tools to calm themselves when emotionally overwhelmed with yoga breath work, which is taught in a fun way.

Families can ‘play yoga’ together and connect through touch and eye gazing as we play partner yoga, make waves, yoga statues and then share in relaxation time together.

Kids have space to move their bodies in a fun way with yoga poses to release energy, build strength and try new ‘tricks’ in a safe non-competitive way.

Kids can be free to have fun and make noise, laugh and giggle in the yoga space and we won’t have to worry about being too loud.

Having some dedicated time to kids yoga has helped us to find a bit more fun in our lives, and has made the morning rush seem a little calmer now that we all have some tools to self-regulate our emotions. My kids just love having some ‘play time’ with me and the benefit is that we all have take-home skills to make our busy lives a whole lot happier.