Me! Me! Me!

Actually our whole family does, it is our favourite family happy place.

The perfect place is when we find a quiet space in nature, no crowds, no road traffic, and no mobile phone reception. That’s just the cherry on top; when both parents and kids can have fun family time without the sneaky little interruptions and ding dings from our phones.

We take away all the schedules, rushing, clocks, and just go with what feels right.

My husband loves to use the camp kitchen and express his creativity through slow cooking.

The kids love being able to run free in nature, mud, creeks, explore and discover interesting things in nature. Oh and of course toast their own marshmallows.

For me I love just being able to talk, listen and connect with my family without any time pressures, read a book, and breathe in that clean fresh air from the trees.

It’s so relaxing and best of all is that it’s proven that spending time in nature in good for us. Our heart rates lower making us less stressed, our mood is boosted and we feel more creative.

Breathing in free air from the trees releases happy hormones to rebalance and calm our nervous system. I love that something so relaxing a camping can be so good for us.

When was the last time you got to explore in nature?