Yoga for Everybody

Hi I’m Ainsley, and I love helping you and your kids feel more connected, grounded and strong.

I’m excited to launch my new yoga events called Yoga Hikes. This is suitable for adults and teens aged 14 +.  Experience a deeper connection to nature, your body and your breath as we combine a nature hike, mindfulness and a slow flow yoga class in the breathtaking surroundings of Lake Samsonvale in Brisbane’s north. Feel alive, aware and connected as we immerse ourselves in nature, and yet experience life and spaciousness within. This is beautiful opportuntity to take time out for you.  This is a 3 hour event which concludes with a delicious morning tea.

Yoga for Kids

I love to share my passion for yoga and teach kids how to become more self-aware, couragous and accepting thier own unique gifts.  The outside world is hard, and I help them build strength from the inside out.

The benefits of kids yoga are:

  • Builds strength and muscle tone
  • Builds confidence and improves self esteem
  • Develops body awareness and teaches children how to listen to their own body
  • Promotes calmness, kindness and harmony in family life
  • Teaches children how to re-balance their emotions through breathe work and mindfulness techniques
  • Builds a positive mindset and a can-do attitude with a big dose of  appreciation and gratitude
  • Improves focus and concentration

“Yoga has been a very important part of my life for the past 15 years and I have reached the place where I believe I can make a difference in other peoples’ lives through sharing my experiences, my patience and passion.”

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Give your child the positive tools that will help them be content in their lives, they will thank you for it!