Being Grounded Kids yoga is a fun activity to strengthen both the body and mind, relieve stress, release emotions and improve focus and concentration.

Why Kids Yoga?

Your kids will benefit from being surrounded by trees which is proven to naturally calming, by reducing anxiety and stress. The benefits of kids yoga are:

  • Builds strength and muscle tone
  • Builds confidence and improves self esteem
  • Develops body awareness and teaches children how to listen to their own body
  • Promotes calmness, kindness and harmony in family life
  • Teaches children how to re-balance their emotions through breathe work and mindfulness techniques
  • Earthing in nature to find balance, appreciation and gratitude
  • Improves focus and concentration

Kindy Kids Yoga

Kindy kids love yoga! We shake our crazies out, jump like a frog, hop like a bunny and hiss like a snake. We sing, dance, use stories and our wild imagination to move our body in yoga poses. We breathe deep with pom poms or straws and then relax. It is ideal pre-schoolers aged 2-5 years.

  • This class will be 30mins in length and be focused on fun yoga play through stories and songs.
  • The class will teach the basics of mindfulness through imagination and relaxation techniques.
  • Parents are welcome to join in the yoga fun as we play and learn together.
  • Yoga mats will be provided or you can bring your own mat if you have one.

Kindy Kids Yoga Classes

I offer kids yoga in daycare centres and kindergartens for kids aged 2-5 years. These are either parent-paid or centre funded programs for a block of weekly classes, held over 8-10 weeks during term time. Depending of the ages of children, classes are either 20mins for ages 2-3, or 30mins for kindy ages 3-5 years.

Please get in touch if you’d like your child to experience kids yoga in their childcare centre.

An new kindy class will be coming soon to a local venue in the Sandgate area after Easter. This will be a 6 week block of classes for kids aged 2-5 years, at a cost of $60. Details coming soon.

Kids Yoga

These classes are suitable for children aged 5-12 years and will be held outdoors on the grass in Nashville State School, looking out to the lush nature reserve around Peace Park in Brighton. If the weather is too hot, too cold to many mozzies, we use an indoor space within the school hall.

  • This class will be 45mins in length, teaching children yoga postures and mindfulness skills through story-telling and creative yoga play.
  • Each class will be different and planned to work in balance with nature, the weather, the climate and adapted to suit the energy levels of the children.
  • The class cost is $12 for a casual visit or $100 for 10 class pass.
  • A maximum of 15 places available in each class.

Kids Yoga Classes

3:30pm – 4.15pm
Ages 5-12 years

Family Yoga

Family yoga is a 1 hour class where all the family members are welcome to join in and learn yoga together! This class is structure more like an adult class, and is suitable for ages 8 and over. Family yoga has elements of partner yoga and connection with your family. This is great way to introduce yoga to tweens and teens to improve body awareness, postural allignment and breathe control.


Family Yoga Classes

Family yoga is held once a month on Sundays at 8.45am-10am in the Nashville State School Hall
The next scheduled class is Sunday 28 April.

Suitable for all ages and abilities
Cost is $30 per family and bookings are essential

“Yoga has been a very important part of my life for the past 15 years and I have reached the place where I believe I can make a difference in other peoples’ lives through sharing my experiences, my patience and passion.”

Mindfulness can turn the noise down on your child’s busy mind and allow their thoughts to drift in a positive way!

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Give your child the positive tools that will help them be content in their lives, they will thank you for it!

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